The Hildesheimer Wallungen is a festival offering different forms of participation. For the Wallungen 2023 we are looking for artistic contributions, gastronomic offers or hosts who would like to design their own places on the festival grounds. Here you can find the possibilities on how to get involved.

Open Call for program contributions

The program of the Hildesheimer Wallungen is divided into a stage program and an off-stage program, which is widely spread on the festival ground.


The off-stage program takes place everywhere on the festival ground. It includes fixed stations and mobile activities, with a focus on installations, walkacts, light art, media and participatory activities. Various institutions, associations and initiatives can also present themselves as part of the program. Since 2019, it has been possible for hosts to design their own space on the festival grounds, with or without their own program. The stage program takes place on several large and small open-air stages. So far, the focus has been on music, theater, cabaret, performance and literature. Since 2021, there has been a separate theater stage, which is managed by the Theaterhaus Hildesheim.


If you want to apply for the 2023 program, this is the right place to do so. There are two Open Calls, one for the stage program and one for the off-stage program. You can apply via a web form that you can easily fill out online. The deadline for applications is 6 February 2023.

Open Call stage program

You want to perform at the Hildesheimer Wallungen and have a program that is suitable for the stage, e.g. music, theatre, literature, a performance or a DJ set. We are looking for artistic contributions for our interdisciplinary stage program. It takes place on small and large open-air stages, but also in churches and museums. Part of this stage program will be concerts, theatre performances, readings, silent discos etc..


You would like to apply for the stage program? Please fill out our web form:

Open Call off-stage program on the festival ground

We are looking for artistic contributions and participatory offers for the festival program. Furthermore, we would like to give institutions, associations and groups the freedom to design their own places on the festival grounds as hosts.


Artistic contributions and hands-on activities: You want to make an installation, offer a workshop or show a film on the festival site and need a location for it. You would like to be on the road as a walk-act or have a mobile action, such as an audio walk. Your contributions can be interactive or created together with the visitors.


Hosts creating places (with or without a program): You would like to design your own place on the festival grounds with your association or company, your institution, initiative or flat-sharing community. You would like to inform the visitors about your work, goals or topics. You can bring your own program or provide the framework for our program. The focus is on creating an atmospheric place and inviting visitors to discover and linger.


You would like to apply for the off-stage program? Please fill out our web form:

If you have persistent technical problems with the web forms, please contact us at (stage program) or (off-stage program).